Just What He Needs…Some Help From These Custom Exhibit Builders!

Expo-3 Trade Show Exhibit


My husband has a degree in marketing and I have a degree in nursing. Even though we are in complete opposite fields of work, we still like to help each other out when the other person is having trouble at work.

My husband has an account right now that wants to really improve their business. They do a lot of social marketing (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc). I was brainstorming and thought that instead of doing the run-of-the-mill radio ads or commercials, it would be more beneficial to get some help from custom exhibit builders! That way, the company can show the world up close and personally what they’re all about and illustrate the products that they carry or the services they offer.

He really liked the idea and is going to pitch it to them in their next meeting! I’m glad I could be of help.

Super Cute Airplane Push Car For The Kids

blog-push airplane


I feel like kids are so easy to shop for but I always have trouble deciding what to get them! My nephew is turning 3 years old in December and has an obsession with airplanes. I took him to see that movie “Planes” by Pixar that came out in movie theaters a couple of nights ago. He was smiling through the entire thing! It really is a cute movie. If you have kids I definitely advise you to check it out for yourself!

I found this super cute airplane push car for kids on the Red Envelope site. It’s new on the site and I’m guessing others are as excited as I am about it and want to get their hands on one as well! With the holidays coming up and the fact that the movie was just released, I know that this won’t stay on the site for long.

Girls Love Coach SOHO Bags…For Any Occasion!

travel luggage plus-coach SOHO leather handbag


I feel like you never need an excuse to buy a nice purse. This is especially true when they are on sale or a good deal in the first place! I found this website that sells AUTHENTIC designer handbags for cheap. It’s nice to know that I can get the same bags that they sell in stores for a lot less money.

My favorite is the line of Coach SOHO handbags. They are very classic and classy. With the change of season, I’ve been trying to get rid of my summer handbags and switch over to more sophisticated simple bags. They match my clothes a lot better, so that’s always a bonus!

A lot of women like Coach just like I do! That’s why these handbags make perfect gifts for a variety of occasions: birthdays, graduations, Valentine’s Day, anniversary gifts, and so much more!


Target Makes Registering For Gifts Easy and Fun!

Have you ever had to register for something, whether it be a wedding/bridal shower or a baby shower? I think that registering for gifts makes it super easy for guests to see exactly what you want. I know that when I am attending a wedding, bridal shower or baby shower, it is nice to show up with a gift that I know with 100% certainty will be used and cherished.

Target is a great store because they carry a multitude of items for each event. For a wedding or bridal shower, they carry home improvement items, tools, furniture, home decor, bed and bath linens and supplies, patio and outdoor products, home appliances, dinnerware and bakeware and even store and organization products. For a baby shower, Target carries the essentials such as diapers and wipes, baby travel gear, strollers, nursery furniture, clothing, bath supplies, books and toys, activity gear, and health and safety items. You can go to ONE store and register for any event!


To register at Target, you can go in-store and scan items to add to your registry or complete the registry online. It’s easy for guests to print off the registry in-store or even bring it up on their smartphone. When you print off the registry in-store, the exact location of the product is listed so it takes hardly any time at all to find what you’re looking for!

Gift a Gift And Treat Them to These Body Treatments Huntington Beach Has to Offer



Have you ever been to a truly great day spa? I visit one regularly and am in love with it. I go to CloudMover Day Spa. Somebody gave me a gift certificate for my birthday last year and I used it a month or two later. It was a general gift certificate that could be used on pretty much any service there, so I decided to get a massage and a facial. After my appointment, I was walking on cloud nine for QUITE some time. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated!

I’ve decided to pass along some of the love and get some of my friends gift certificates for their birthdays. I wanted them to see for themselves these awesome body treatments Huntington Beach has to offer. Maybe they will discover something great because of my gift and I would love that! I’m so thankful to the person that introduced me to this awesome day spa that I would like nothing more than to pass it on!