The Places to Register for YOUR Gifts

I typically like to talk about different gifts to buy for people. Today, however is all about you! I searched the web for some great places to register for your wedding. These places have a couple of things in common: they have great products and it’s easy to create a registry.



1. Target. I chose this as my number one place to register because they have GREAT products without breaking the bank. You can find everything under the sun for a couple to register for: furniture, home decor, kitchen items, bathroom products, storage and organization, outdoor furniture, seasonal items, and so much more!



2. Kohl’s.  Kohl’s has a variety of great products for the home. You will find everything from dinnerware to bedding and everything in between. Kohl’s also has great sales. Maybe  your guests will even benefit from buying you things from there and get Kohl’s Cash to use for themselves!

kk-bed bath and beyond


3. Bed Bath & Beyond. There aren’t as many of these stores around, which could make it more difficult for your guests to pick out your gifts. However, they offer free shipping on tons of items. I love the things I’ve found on this site! They carry EVERYTHING you could ever want in your home. The prices are a little more than Kohl’s and Target, but these are products that you can’t find just anywhere.

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