Metal Engraved Buckle Dog Collars for Bosco and Keeda

blog-dog collar


My dogs are so spoiled. I feel that I find myself looking for things to buy for them more often than I buy things for myself! I’m a giver at heart, and since I don’t have any kiddos of my own, they are the targets of my gift giving from time to time.

I found these metal engraved buckle dog collars on etsy (my go-to site lately for gift giving). I love this site because the things are personalized, homemade, and unique. I like giving gifts that you can’t just find on a shelf in Target (no offense, I LOVE Target, so don’t get me wrong!) and etsy is the place for that.

Anyway, these engraved buckle dog collars are awesome because they are customized and this is also a great way to get rid of that annoying jingle that dog tags make when a dog walks across the room! These are only $30 and you can choose between 18 colors!

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