I Can Always Find Great Gifts at Kohl’s






If somebody gets a gift from me, often times it comes from Kohl’s. I love this store and shop here all of the time. I love that I can get clothes, things for the home, shoes, and so much more! It helps that I’m always finding deals (especially with my Kohl’s credit card and frequent Kohl’s Cash that I can spend).

With so many people going off to college, I thought I would check Kohl’s out and see what they have for dorm gear. Of course, they didn’t disappoint! I found a ton of great things and I love it all. It all makes me wish that I was 18 again and going to live in the dorms.

These are my three favorites pictured above: a comfy study chair, awesome storage for small spaces, and a hamper with a laundry bag that can be easily removed for easy trips to the laundry room!

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