Guys Love Motors


Men love anything with a motor. When in need of a present for a male buy something with a motor is what I always say. The bigger motor the better. The faster the machine goes and the louder it is the more a man will love it. I have been learning a few things about motors recently, they are made up of a stator, and a rotor. When those parts are put together that makes up a motor. Coil windings are an important part of the motor. The coil windings are used in the stator which is the stationary part of the motor. The rotor is the moving part of the motor.


When you really stop to think about it motors are fascinating and I can see the attraction men have to them. They are in basically everything that moves, anything that you plug in to an outlet, put batteries into or fuel into almost always has a motor. So that is it, when buying a present for a male make sure it takes batteries, runs on electricity, or has a place for gas because there is a good chance he is going to like it then.






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