DIY Body Wraps vs. Body Wraps Orange County

Body wraps have always been a popular way to easily lose those last few pounds that are always a struggle to work off.

While browsing through my Pinterest feed I have noticed DIY body wraps more and more. At first I thought, awesome! But then I wondered, do they actually work? There are tons of before and after photos, different recipes and methods to do the body wrap so I wanted to know what actually worked and how.

I have been a believer in body wraps and love to give spa gift cards, just in case the person doesn’t want to get a body wrap. I have gotten them a few times just for fun and actually noticed a flatter stomach and more hydrated skin. I found a girl on the blog Wanderlust that created a $15.00 body wrap and check out her results! (pics below)

image source

These results are fabulous but are they actually real? I have been going to the same spa for years and swear by it, especially the body wraps orange county. I have noticed results like these except they stay for longer periods of time, vs. 1-2 days. The DIY wraps may work, but their results don’t stay as long as body wraps in salons and spas. Have you ever done a DIY body wrap? Do they actually work?

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