A Great Show to Watch: Grey’s Anatomy



Recently, I started a free one-month trial on Netflix. I love this so much and know that I’m going to continue my membership for a really long time. It’s only $7.99 a month and there are so many different shows and movies that I can watch from anywhere: my iPad, my phone, my computer, and my TV through the PlayStation 3.

My favorite show that I started watching is Grey’s Anatomy. It’s been on TV for quite awhile (since 2005), but I usually don’t have time during the week to sit and watch TV shows.

A lot of my friends like this show, too. I decided that as a gift for one of my best friends, I will get her a Netflix account and pay for it monthly. Each year when her birthday rolls around, I will tell her in a card that her Netflix will be available for the entire NEXT year. If she gets sick of it, I can easily cancel.

This way, she can watch as much Grey’s Anatomy as she wants, as well as the hundreds of other shows and movies that stream instantly!

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