A Great Maternity Gift Basket

blog-maternity gift basket


So you just found out that a close friend of yours is expecting a baby. How exciting! Now what to get her? Most of the gifts from here on out will be for the baby, so it’s nice to get something for the couple.

I’m a huge fan of gift baskets. To go in it, I recommend some cocoa butter for stretch marks, Preggie Pops (they help get rid of nausea), a cigar for dad to celebrate like in the old times, a couple of coffee mugs for the parents (Sharpie marker written on a white coffee mug, baked in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 mins will keep the writing and mug design), a box of saltines to help with nausea as well, as a pregnancy book!


A Great Housewarming Gift: A Basket With a Bottle of Wine, WoodWick Candles, a Pack of Nails/Screws and a Hammer!

I’ve moved plenty of times in my life. I could provide plenty of moving tips to anybody that wanted to know!

From time to time, our close family and friends or new neighbors would bring us a housewarming gift. What a sweet gesture! I thought I would pass along the kindness to our new neighbors.

I put together a small gift basket of things that are both useful and fun.

First off, a bottle of wine to celebrate. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, but just a bottle that’s nice to drink.



Second would have to be WoodWick Candles. These can make a home feel so cozy, especially for a house with things that aren’t all the way unpacked.


the lamp stand-fall woodwick candles


Lastly, a pack of nails/screws and a hammer are perfect. There is going to be PLENTY of things that need to be hung on the wall. These are go-to tools, and even if the new neighbors already have these, it never hurts to have more!


blog-hammer and nails



DIY Body Wraps vs. Body Wraps Orange County

Body wraps have always been a popular way to easily lose those last few pounds that are always a struggle to work off.

While browsing through my Pinterest feed I have noticed DIY body wraps more and more. At first I thought, awesome! But then I wondered, do they actually work? There are tons of before and after photos, different recipes and methods to do the body wrap so I wanted to know what actually worked and how.

I have been a believer in body wraps and love to give spa gift cards, just in case the person doesn’t want to get a body wrap. I have gotten them a few times just for fun and actually noticed a flatter stomach and more hydrated skin. I found a girl on the blog Wanderlust that created a $15.00 body wrap and check out her results! (pics below)

image source

These results are fabulous but are they actually real? I have been going to the same spa for years and swear by it, especially the body wraps orange county. I have noticed results like these except they stay for longer periods of time, vs. 1-2 days. The DIY wraps may work, but their results don’t stay as long as body wraps in salons and spas. Have you ever done a DIY body wrap? Do they actually work?

Let me know in the comments below!

A Great Show to Watch: Grey’s Anatomy



Recently, I started a free one-month trial on Netflix. I love this so much and know that I’m going to continue my membership for a really long time. It’s only $7.99 a month and there are so many different shows and movies that I can watch from anywhere: my iPad, my phone, my computer, and my TV through the PlayStation 3.

My favorite show that I started watching is Grey’s Anatomy. It’s been on TV for quite awhile (since 2005), but I usually don’t have time during the week to sit and watch TV shows.

A lot of my friends like this show, too. I decided that as a gift for one of my best friends, I will get her a Netflix account and pay for it monthly. Each year when her birthday rolls around, I will tell her in a card that her Netflix will be available for the entire NEXT year. If she gets sick of it, I can easily cancel.

This way, she can watch as much Grey’s Anatomy as she wants, as well as the hundreds of other shows and movies that stream instantly!

Personalized Wine Glasses are Great!



I think that everybody knows a wine connoisseur or two. There are many people in my family that love wine. We collect it, drink it, cook with it, learn about it, and so much more. This creates a fun, family hobby that includes going to tastings and tours of different vineyards, subscribing to wine-of-the-month clubs, and helping each other build our collections.

I found this set of personalized wine glasses and wine carafe  that I know the wine connoisseurs of my family will fall in love with. This is fantastic because we can each enjoy our own “private chateau collection” and really feel “wined and dined”.

Do you know a person that loves wine as much as we do? This would make a fantastic gift for them. It is perfect for birthdays, weddings, graduations, and house-warming parties.