When Giving an Electronic Device… Don’t Forget the Case!

blog-ipad case


There’s been way too many times where I have purchased an electronic device of some sort, whether it be a tablet, phone, computer, etc and have forgotten all about the case. It’s also happened where I’ve ordered a case or purchased one AFTER buying the device, thinking it wouldn’t hurt to go without for  a couple of weeks. WRONG! Big mistake… This is a very easy way to get even the smallest of scratches on your brand new device!

Lately, I’ve been buying cases as soon as I know that I will be getting a new device. For example, I knew that the contract of my phone was up in May and knew exactly what I wanted ahead of time. I ordered a couple phone cases from Amazon a couple of weeks beforehand and as soon as I got the phone it had a cover right away! Remember when giving devices for gifts that if there’s not a case, it will probably get scratched or possible ruined!

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