Wardrobe Staples, Designer Black Leather Handbags, LBD, and Black Shoes

A lady can’t go wrong sticking with basic black and it is the perfect color when giving clothing and accessories as gifts because everyone looks great in black. When I have a gift for a hard to buy for friend or family member I go with something black. It is perfect even when you don’t know shoe or clothing sizeĀ  because who doesn’t love and appreciate designer black leather handbags? Everyone does.


There is nothing better that high quality designer fashion to give as a gift when you don’t have to worry about sizing. When sizing is an issue it is nice to opt for a scarf. There are so many scarves and ladies wear them year round as accessories. Scarves make changing up an out easy and add a pop of color and texture. There are so many ways to wear scarves. Scarves can accent a little black dress and also be worn casually.

Now say you want to give a gift where knowing the size is necessary, you must do some sleuthing, check out their shoe size when the person isn’t looking, have other family members check tags, or judge using a comparison model. Remember to get a gift receipt though because the recipient may need it.

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