Give Your Company a Gift and Introduce Them To This Exhibit Company, These Referral Programs, and These Social Media Sites!

Expo 3-boeing


Do you ever feel that you’ve maxed out all of your options when it comes to marketing at the company you work for? You may have radio ads, billboards, TV commercials, and newspaper ads? Try out some of these great, fresh ideas:

1. Social media marketing. If you don’t have a facebook account for the company, start one! Some other great sites to sign up for are Pinterest and Twitter. This allows you to interact with your customers.

2. Exhibits. This brings your product and company to life! It’s a great way to do product demonstrations and get your company’s name out there at trade shows. Expo-3 is an exhibit company that can really expand your business.

3. Referral programs. You’ll see a lot of retail websites that have programs where you can refer friends and get money off of your own order. Try that out with your customers and see how it goes!

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