A Wedding Gift Basket Complete With Wine, Kringle Candles, and Massage Oils

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I’m big into gift baskets. I really like to have a common “theme” in the gifts I give, and what better way than with a gift basket?

Since wedding season is in full swing (see my fridge covered in “Save the Dates” and invitations if you don’t believe me!), I thought it would be perfect to post a great idea for a wedding gift basket.

This is a gift basket for a romantic night in. Since newlyweds often are saving their money for other things such as starting a family or purchasing a home, it’s nice to give them opportunity for a date night in!

For this gift basket, you will want relaxing Maui massage oils, a bottle or two of wine, and plenty of Kringle Candles. Won’t the happy couple love this? I’ve given this gift basket before and it’s been super popular.

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