Take a Break From Spring Madness With Massages in Huntington Beach



This time of year has a nickname in our family, and we call it “Spring Madness”. Spring Break is over and summer is well on its way. When winter ends, it’s almost like something hits us all and the events and chaos begin. Quite a while ago, we did a huge round of Spring Cleaning. Now the events are starting back up (baseball for the boys, golf league, book club and more) and we are spending more and more time outside. It seems like every night there is a club, game, practice, or event to attend. I’m starting to feel less relaxed and more hurried and stressed.

I have scheduled a couple of appointments to get massages in Huntington Beach. We have been to CloudMover before and loved it! I may just have to extend my appointment time and add in a little more pampering… I can’t wait!

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