Finally, The Perfect Bridal Party Dresses!

It can be VERY stressful to pick out bridal party dresses. You want the girls to match the wedding theme and decor, be within budget, and be something that can be worn again in the future. Who wants to spend $400 on a dress to be a bridesmaid and have it sit in your closet for the rest of your life? No, thank you!

I found the perfect bridal party dresses. These are adorable!

Pacific Plex-crystal knot one-sleeve dress


What do you think? I like these because they can be worn again, are only $89.99 (which is practically unheard of when it comes to bridesmaid dresses), and they are super cute!

It’s normally a tradition for the bride and groom to get the bridal party gifts to thank them for being a part of the wedding on the night before the big day at the rehearsal dinner. With dresses this inexpensive, the gifts to the bridesmaids could be their dresses! You could offer to pay for them as a thank you for being in the wedding. Instead of giving the gift the night before the wedding, you could give it to them a couple of months before.

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