DIY Sauce Jars for a Housewarming Gift

kk--DIY jars

I love giving homemade gifts. They are my favorite because they mean so much more, are really inexpensive to make, and are unique. Have you seen any glass storage jars like this in stores?

These are super easy to make. For the next few times you make spaghetti or chicken fettucini alfredo, save the glass jars that the sauces come in. Peel the labels off (I use a little “Goo Gone” as they are sometimes hard to get all the way off).  Purchase glass drawer handles from a craft store (I like Hobby Lobby best, but you can go where you wish!). Use a hot glue gun and attach the drawer handle to the jar.

These are super cute in the kitchen and make for pretty storage of things like noodles, coffee beans, oats, sugar, and more.

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