A Kitchen Cart Makes the Best Housewarming Gift

blog-kitchen cart


It seems like everybody is moving into new homes! I heard on the radio the other day that interest rates on mortgages are at an all time low. This is making it easier and much more do-able for people to purchases homes.

I’ve been looking online everywhere for a range of housewarming gifts in a variety of prices. Today, I found this Aspen 3-Drawer Spice Rack Drop Leaf Kitchen Cart (say that ten times fast… I dare you!).  It provides extra storage space in the kitchen without taking up too much room. This is the perfect addition, especially for those that love to bake delicious goods and treats. This could easily be put in the middle of a kitchen and used as an island where bar stools could be set up on one or two sides of the cart for dining and socializing.

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