Mariana Jewelry for Her

The Lamp Stand--Mariana Bracelet


Mariana is a designer that has been creating jewelry since 1997. For 16 years now, she has been creating unique and original pieces including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. You really have to look through the collection of Mariana Jewelry to appreciate all of the great aspects of this line. There is something so special and unlike any other collection that I’m having trouble even putting it into words!

If there is a lady in your life that appreciates great jewelry, these pieces would make great gifts. Any of these would be great gifts for graduation, wedding, thank-you, birthday, anniversary, or just because!

Girls love jewelry and it really never fails as a gift. She will love to start or add to her collection of Mariana Jewelry.

Gift Cards Make Perfect Gifts



I always enjoy receiving gift cards for gifts. They are great because you can spend them at your own leisure and they often work both in the store of online. It’s better than getting money because with money, I sometimes spend it on things that aren’t so fun like groceries or bills. With a gift card, I am almost “forced” to spend it on myself which is quite alright with me!

Since stores are only available in certain areas and in certain towns, it’s sometimes way easier to just buy the gift card online. I found a website that has a TON of gift cards available at a discount price! This means that you pay less for a gift card than it is actually worth.

They even have personalized Visa gift cards available as well. This customizes the gift even more!

What are you favorite gift cards to get?

A Great Way to Thank Your Girls… Now Get Those Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations Out in the Mail!

Creations by Leslie-Bridesmaids Luncheon


I love learning about wedding traditions. I consider myself to be a pretty traditional person who likes to put a fun spin on things. Did you know it was customary for the bride to invite the girls out for a luncheon to thank them for their love and support during the wedding planning process? As most of you know, it can be very stressful to choose attire, colors, decor, music, food, drinks, venue, and so much more. People have no idea what is involved in planning a wedding until they do it themselves. It can be very helpful to have your girls by your side in this intense process.

A bridesmaid luncheon can be the perfect way to show appreciation and thank the lovely ladies that help out with the planning. Send out your bridesmaid luncheon invitations and prepare for a great day!

A Fun Way to Give Money as a Gift



With graduation fast approaching, I thought I would share this great tip fo giving the gift of money. For those of you that went to college or are currently in college, you know just how valuable money can be during this time in a person’s life. When people use the term “broke college student”, they aren’t kidding! Money can help college students in so many different ways: food, rent, books, supplies, tuition, laundry, and so much more.

Take a balloon and fill it with rolled bills of various amounts and confetti. Blow the balloon up and tie it to secure its contents. A fun idea would be to take a large box (such as a refrigerator box), fill it with these money-balloons, and wrap it! How surprised would your graduate be to open this great gift?


A Kitchen Cart Makes the Best Housewarming Gift

blog-kitchen cart


It seems like everybody is moving into new homes! I heard on the radio the other day that interest rates on mortgages are at an all time low. This is making it easier and much more do-able for people to purchases homes.

I’ve been looking online everywhere for a range of housewarming gifts in a variety of prices. Today, I found this Aspen 3-Drawer Spice Rack Drop Leaf Kitchen Cart (say that ten times fast… I dare you!).  It provides extra storage space in the kitchen without taking up too much room. This is the perfect addition, especially for those that love to bake delicious goods and treats. This could easily be put in the middle of a kitchen and used as an island where bar stools could be set up on one or two sides of the cart for dining and socializing.