Gift Wrap and a Card for Baby That Won’t Get Thrown Away

blog-gift wrap and a card


I love giving gifts (hence the entire blog dedicated to it). It REALLY feels good to make someone smile by letting them know that you are thinking of them.

I was sick of buying a roll of wrapping paper, just to see it crumpled on the floor. I also get sick of buying cards because they run about $3, get looked at once, and almost instantly end up in the garbage can.

I found a new idea so that the gift can still be wrapped, but the wrapping will last forever!  I did this with a baby shower. Instead of wrapping your gift with regular old wrapping paper, change it up by covering the baby gift with a baby blanket. You can fashion a bow out of these and it’s super cute!

Also, use a mini book instead of a card. It lasts a long longer and means a lot more.

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