Coach Signature Bags = Best Mother’s Day

My Mom is the type of lady that doesn’t ever splurge on herself, ever. She is a very modest lady and wouldn’t even splurge if she had the money, it is just the way she is. After all that she has done for me and my family I feel the least I can do is give my Mom a little luxury. My Mom thinks it’s outrageous when people spend hundreds, maybe even thousands, on designer handbags. I’ll be honest, if I had the funds to do so I would, but I don’t … yet.

With Mother’s Day approaching quickly, I have been planning on ordering her a Coach handbag. She is the type of person that likes something simple, neutral and durable. I figured that narrows my selection down to Coach Signature Bags. I haven’t chosen the exact handbag I will be purchasing her but I’m thinking along the lines of this one. If I order it within the next week it should be here right in time for Mother’s Day. I know my Mom doesn’t want me to spend a ton of money on her gift, but I think I should, it’s the least I can do!

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