A Homemade Mother’s Day Gift


Homemade gifts make the best presents. They are so much more special and meaningful. I’m going to make this project for the special mothers in my life for Mother’s Day. It’s coming up in May already!

I found this project on Pinterest for making homemade decorative candles and there was never a link attached to it, so I had a little experimenting to do to make this.

Here are the instructions:

You will need plain pillar candles. White works best because then you are able to use any color you want for decorating. You will also need a varity of colored permanent markers (this doesn’t work if they aren’t PERMANENT). Gather sheets of wax paper and a hair dryer as well.

Draw a design using the permanent markers on the wax paper, but keep in mind that whatever is written will be BACKWARDS on the candle after the transfer, so if you have any writing that you want to do, make sure that you write it backwards. Wrap the wax paper around the candle as shown in the picture. Make sure it doesn’t slide around! Turn the hair dryer on, and hold 8-10 inches away from the wax paper/candle to transfer the design.

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