Mariana Jewelry for Mom

The Lamp Stand--Mariana Bracelet


As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, I’ve been searching everywhere for great gifts for the mothers in my life. Not only do I typically get something for my mom, but also my step-mom, Alex’s mom, my aunt, and our grandmothers. There are so many wonderful mothers in my life that I don’t just stop at my own mom.

I love this line of Mariana Jewelry and I found something for each and every one of those women! This line carries super cute bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and more. Mariana Jewelry is unlike any other line I’ve seen before. The products are super cute and unique. These ladies are going to love these!

The picture above shows the bracelet that I’m getting my mom. What do you think?

Short Prom Dresses are a hot style for 2013

This just in….some great new styles for short prom dresses that are hot for 2013.  I like to keep an eye on the every changing styles of Prom dress fashions. There are always new short prom dresses that are being added to the collection at Pacific Plex.  Fun and flirty come to mind when I see these hot new fashions. Short fairy like pixie dresses is what they remind me of. Super adorable and great for warm weather.  With beaded accents and ruffled organza, you are sure to make a statement in these dresses.

yhst-81261434853532_2259_186953190 yhst-81261434853532_2259_201940879 yhst-81261434853532_2259_199357068

Pacific Plex caters to junior and junior plus sizes, making it easy for girls of any shape and size find a beautiful dress that will fit their body type. Pacific Plex is the one stop shop when it comes to prom, you will find your shoes, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories right in one place. Get going today and nab one of the hottest new fashions in short prom dresses.

The Perfect Beach Chair for the Outdoor Lover!

beach chair

The weather is heating up and I’m in full-swing summer mood. We have been grilling almost every night, playing outside with the kids, getting all of our outdoor decorations up and ready (such as the bird bath, the lawn ornaments, the Spring flag, etc). Now I just need to start planting my garden in a couple of weeks here and I will be set!

I found this beach chair that is super functional. It’s available in a solid blue or striped pattern and it folds up easily for traveling. This chair can sit up or lay back, and there is an option to read your book while you’re sunbathing on your stomach. I love this!

This would make a fantastic gift for somebody that it always outdoors (like me!). I sure hope my sister sees this post…my birthday is coming up soon (hint hint!)

The Best Orange County Jewelers…We Wouldn’t Go Anywhere Else

Simone and Son--Ring2


I have serious wedding fever lately. Judging by the massive amounts of wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, bachelorette party invitations, and couple’s shower invitations that have accumulated on the fridge, I’m going to say that it’s going to be one busy summer. I don’t mind one bit!

Alex and I have been talking weddings a lot lately as well. This makes me feel that we are getting closer to taking this next step in our relationship. I couldn’t be happier! Things have gone so well for us and we are so happy together. We started looking at rings. He has his go-to place, which is Simone and Son. He says that they’re the best Orange County jewelers and that he couldn’t go anywhere else. This is the ring that I’ve been looking at! What do you think? I love this style!

Finally, I’m blogging about a future gift for ME! Yay!

A Gift for Dog

When we travel places, our dog almost always comes with. He’s very well-behaved and everybody loves him. He is, however, a bit of a pain in the butt to travel with. He doesn’t understand the concept of riding in the car and doesn’t get that when the vehicle comes to a stop, his body goes forward, and vica versa. Usually he’s flying into the seats on both sides (which seems like a lot when he weighs 85 lbs).

I found this amazing product to make our lives easier and make it easier on our dog. It’s a harness and auto zip line. This keeps the dog a lot safer, as well as us! The harness fits around the dog and the leash is easy to take off of the zip line when you reach your destination. This is fantastic!