Red Envelope

This may bring a weird picture to your mind…how random!? A red envelope of all things. That is definitely unique, and so are the products that come from this fantastic gift website. I love unique products and gift giving and therefore I love this website! I’ll show you some of the great finds that I’ve discovered on here:



This ring is so personal because it’s both a birthstone ring AND can be customized with a first name. Personalized gifts are a great way to make somebody feel special–because it’s just for them!



This is another one of my favorite finds. It’s a baby keepsake kit. I love that this can hold an imprint of the foot and an imprint of the hand, as well as a favorite picture (I would use one from the hospital, when baby was first born!) This would make a great baby shower gift.


If you know people that love wine, then this personalize vineyard sign is a MUST. It can be customized with a name, a year, and a city! This is super cute.


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