My Dog is Going to Love This Portable Water Dish

dog dish


When the weather heats up and the snow melts, we go on walks with our dogs more and more. They really enjoy going out and could probably spend all day outside if we would allow it! The things we go vary: some days we go to the dog park, some days they get walked on their leashes, some days we rollerblade or ride bike so the dogs get a chance to run, and some days we decide to let them off the leashes and go for a hike through the woods behind our house or they can run wild in the field. They are so spoiled, but it’s okay, because all of this exercise benefits us as well (which means more Girl Scout Cookies for me–yay!)

This product is a must-have for summer. Dogs can get overheated even easier than people do because of their inability to sweat and their heavy fur coats. This is a portable water dish. Attach a water bottle and it’s easy to transport and bring anywhere. The belt clip makes it super easy to carry around! Your dogs will love this. Make sure you keep the hydrated, especially when it’s hot out!

This makes a great gift for your pets or for people you know that have dogs and could get a good use out of this.

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