Is That a Plant or a Grill?


My guy loves to grill we are always trying new recipes.┬áSummer is our time to really enjoy the grill and be able to try out foods that we haven’t had before and also a time to repeat old favorite recipes. I really benefit from this grilling hobby, because I get to eat like a queen!

I found this hot-pot BBQ and I know he’s going to love it. I sure do! It’s unique and functional. This looks like a terracotta pot, but it has a grill on the bottom and a planter on top. The BBQ grill can be concealed when it is not in use, and the planter can be used to grow herbs to season the food with. I love that this just looks like a regular plant when not in use. So many grills can become “eyesores”, so I love how concealed it can be!




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