Beautiful Waxing Poetic Charms

Did you know that charms go back to the Neolithic Era, when a man would pick up a stone or stick and carry it with him, believing it would ward off enemies. It wasn’t until the Egyptian Pharaohs when they started using precious stones and metals to create charms. It was during that time when the first charm bracelets and necklaces were made.


I remember growing up my mother had a beautiful charm bracelet with a bunch of different charms on them, from baby booties to state charms, flowers, and the silhouettes of babies {five girls and one boy, to be exact}. My moms bracelet was full, so a couple years ago we decided to buy our mom another charm bracelet, each of her children were able to buy a charm that represented themselves and their children {the grand children}. I found a couple of really beautiful waxing poetic charms that I want to get her for Mother’s Day. Have you started a charm bracelet yet?


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