A Great Selection of Plus Size Prom Dresses



My niece’s birthday happens to be the same month as prom. She’s going to be celebrating her sweet sixteen just a few weeks before her big night out at prom. What an exciting time for her! I am an October baby, so I never got to experience that before but knowing how much fun I had at my sixteenth birthday and how much fun I had at prom, I’m pretty darn jealous that she gets to have both in the same month.

For her birthday, I have offered to get her a prom dress. I know this is such a special time for her, so I am very excited to be the one to contribute to one of her big days in May! We’ve been looking for dresses for a couple of weeks and today we found a great selection of plus size prom dresses that she loves. I can’t wait to see which one she decides on!

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