A Great Selection of Plus Size Prom Dresses



My niece’s birthday happens to be the same month as prom. She’s going to be celebrating her sweet sixteen just a few weeks before her big night out at prom. What an exciting time for her! I am an October baby, so I never got to experience that before but knowing how much fun I had at my sixteenth birthday and how much fun I had at prom, I’m pretty darn jealous that she gets to have both in the same month.

For her birthday, I have offered to get her a prom dress. I know this is such a special time for her, so I am very excited to be the one to contribute to one of her big days in May! We’ve been looking for dresses for a couple of weeks and today we found a great selection of plus size prom dresses that she loves. I can’t wait to see which one she decides on!

Red Envelope

This may bring a weird picture to your mind…how random!? A red envelope of all things. That is definitely unique, and so are the products that come from this fantastic gift website. I love unique products and gift giving and therefore I love this website! I’ll show you some of the great finds that I’ve discovered on here:



This ring is so personal because it’s both a birthstone ring AND can be customized with a first name. Personalized gifts are a great way to make somebody feel special–because it’s just for them!



This is another one of my favorite finds. It’s a baby keepsake kit. I love that this can hold an imprint of the foot and an imprint of the hand, as well as a favorite picture (I would use one from the hospital, when baby was first born!) This would make a great baby shower gift.


If you know people that love wine, then this personalize vineyard sign is a MUST. It can be customized with a name, a year, and a city! This is super cute.


Beautiful Waxing Poetic Charms

Did you know that charms go back to the Neolithic Era, when a man would pick up a stone or stick and carry it with him, believing it would ward off enemies. It wasn’t until the Egyptian Pharaohs when they started using precious stones and metals to create charms. It was during that time when the first charm bracelets and necklaces were made.


I remember growing up my mother had a beautiful charm bracelet with a bunch of different charms on them, from baby booties to state charms, flowers, and the silhouettes of babies {five girls and one boy, to be exact}. My moms bracelet was full, so a couple years ago we decided to buy our mom another charm bracelet, each of her children were able to buy a charm that represented themselves and their children {the grand children}. I found a couple of really beautiful waxing poetic charms that I want to get her for Mother’s Day. Have you started a charm bracelet yet?


Is That a Plant or a Grill?


My guy loves to grill we are always trying new recipes. Summer is our time to really enjoy the grill and be able to try out foods that we haven’t had before and also a time to repeat old favorite recipes. I really benefit from this grilling hobby, because I get to eat like a queen!

I found this hot-pot BBQ and I know he’s going to love it. I sure do! It’s unique and functional. This looks like a terracotta pot, but it has a grill on the bottom and a planter on top. The BBQ grill can be concealed when it is not in use, and the planter can be used to grow herbs to season the food with. I love that this just looks like a regular plant when not in use. So many grills can become “eyesores”, so I love how concealed it can be!




The Ultimate Gifts are Ornate Engagement Rings

Perhaps not so much a “Great Gift Anytime” so much as a once in a lifetime proposal to your happily ever after, yet still ornate engagement rings can be a symbol of the greatest gift you soul mate has given you, his heart. Most often considered the greatest gift a person can receive, the symbol of that undying love should be as beautiful as what it represents. Rings are one of the oldest gifts given known to man, because of this long tradition, jewelers have had a chance to develop their skills resulting in more intricate and perfect pieces than ever before. ornateThe jewelry design process has came a long way and it will be interesting to watch it continue to develop.

When I see rings so intricate it makes me wonder what is next in store for rings of the future. Will they continue to be more and more intricate while the development process is simplified? The tide always shifts and there will be a trend back to simple basic rings eventually and even at the same time that some people desire the complex ornate engagement rings there will be those who want the traditional solitaire and plain band. There will never be a shortage of choices.