Presents for Future Use

Some of the nicest gifts I have received were things I would not necessarily use immediately but I would get lots of us out of them in the future. Has it ever happened to you that you suddenly have somewhere to go and need to bring several things with you but you don’t have anything to put them in? A plastic grocery bag can sometimes work in a pinch but will not work all the time. I started keeping several bags packed all the time so when I am rushed out the door because once AGAIN I lost track of time my bag is ready. I have a bag packed for the pool, my body pump class, the ski hill, and one with a few snacks because you never know.


I have had to go and buy different sized bags to keep aside. Some of my favorites are Under Armour bags, Adidas bags, and coach signature bags. When looking for a bag, check out the zipper to make sure it is good quality. Think about it’s purpose to make sure it will work for the job. Do you need zippers? Pockets? How many, and are they large enough? This method has saved me so many times as I rush out the door, I am sticking with this and am always on the hunt for great bags. Hopefully there is not a bag hoarder title in my future.

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