Orange County Jewelers

I am welcoming Monday in with a special anniversary treat from Simone & Son. The Orange County Jewelers has amazing jewelry pieces for every occasion. Giving jewelry as a gift is so symbolic, showing that your loved one is very important in your life. I have hinted on a couple pieces to my husband, since our anniversary is coming up soon. I too have been looking for something special for him as well.  My husband wears his wedding band all the time, and has hinted that he would love to have one for his other hand.


There are several men’s bands that would make great anniversary rings. I think that I will surprise him with this ring on our anniversary get away weekend that we have planned. We haven’t been able to get away much since we have been so busy with the kids, but I will definitely be making the most of our anniversary weekend we booked with Travelocity.  Every day with him is so special, he really is the rock of our family.


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