My Mom Would LOVE This Smart Shopper

shopperEver since I can remember, my mom makes out this huge list before she goes to the grocery store. She goes through all of our cupboards, our fridge and freezer and figures out what she needs to make the meals for the upcoming week. She used to put the list on the fridge with a magnet and would encourage us all to write what we wanted on the list. We would always neglect to do this and end up naming off a bunch of things that we wanted as she was walking out of the door to go to the grocery store.

I found this Smart Shopper grocery list creator and organizer and know that if I got it for my mom, she would love it! This takes list-making to a whole new level by being voice-activated to create a grocery list based on what is inputted from the speaker. It’s easy to use and can generate a list quickly and even alphabetizes the items! Do you know anybody that would love this?


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