Floating Desk From Best Buy



My daughter is leaving for college next Fall and I don’t know if I am every going to be ready for it. This Spring will bring a ton of events and also some fun! She has prom in April, graduation in May (her graduation party is in the works of being planned) and the start of a summer job at the pool before she moves off to college!

She signed the lease to her apartment last week and we started looking for things to fill it with. It’s a smaller two bedroom apartment, but she really likes her roommate and I think she is really going to like living there. We’ll miss her though!

I found this floating desk while browsing around on Best Buy and this is a perfect spot to do homework yet doesn’t take up a lot of room. She’s going to love this! We’re going to surprise her with it as  one of her graduation gifts. I can’t wait!

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