Boys Love Basketball Trading Cards

I am always shocked when my husband and son sit down in front of the TV to watch a basketball game. My son who only started following sports last year, knows all the players, the numbers, and has also started following what team they came from or the college they played for. His love has grown so quickly since last year. He absolutely loves basketball, the game and of course his favorite players is Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio. I had never given it a second thought to collect basketball cards before, I know my husband had collected them when he was a kid. It was a random shopping trip that started the love for collecting for my son, who found a pack on the shelf while spending his birthday money at the store.


Basketball Trading Cards are wonderful gifts for the younger generation. My son saves his money to buy more basketball cards, and has them all in three ring binders. I am pretty sure there are almost three full binders in his room with trading cards.¬†Collecting basketball trading cards has become very popular in recent years, with more boys at school even trading cards. Now you can find your favorite NBA stars of today and the past at DCS Sports Cards. My son loves to go online {I guess he thinks he is a big boy when he goes online} and pick out different card packs to order with the money that he has earned. He always says “I love buying myself gifts”

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