100 Wishes Quilt

A “100 Good Wishes Quilt” is a tradition from Northern China. When a child is born, they celebrate with a colorful “Bai Jia Bei” (which means 100 good wishes quilt). The traditional Northern Chinese quilt is made of cloth contributed by the baby’s family and friends. It is said that the quilt contains good fortune, energy, and loving wishes.

I found a site in which I can purchase this quilt for a family that we’re close friends with who is expecting a newborn shortly! Her due date was yesterday, so I’m ordering it today! The quilt that I found is gorgeous and made of 100% cotton, which is best for the baby’s skin. The colors are adorable as well. You can purchase the quilt in coral pink or teal blue. The 100 well-wishing messages are silk screened onto the quilt. You can pay extra and have it embroidered for a personal effect. The quilt also comes with a rod so the family can choose to use it or choose to hang it up on the wall and use as a wall decoration.

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