Waxing Poetic Charms Make for the Best Mother’s Day Gifts


I love all of the upcoming Spring holidays: St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I usually spend these holidays with my extended family and we have Easter egg hunts, eat lots of candy and hang out together outside, which is something I am really looking forward to. I like to get my loved ones special gifts, especially my Mom for Mothers day and my Dad for Fathers Day. Now that I am older I am able to purchase gifts for them vs. making cards.

I know it’s a little bit early but I already know what I’m getting my Mom for Mother’s Day. We got my Mom a charm bracelet for Christmas and she absolutely fell in love with it. I figured I would get her a few special charms to put on her bracelet. Waxing Poetic Charms are her favorite but I can’t decide which one to get? I think they are all cute and I know that she would love anything I gave her so I just need to make a decision. Which do you think?

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A Brownie Pan With ALL Edge Pieces

brownieMy sister is such a great cook and baker. She’s always trying out a ton of new recipes and has so much more patience in the kitchen than I do. I have so much respect for the amazing things she can come up with. It’s also sometimes quite fun to be her “guinea pig” in the kitchen because I get to try some of her amazing creations!

Her birthday is coming up and I plan on getting her a ton of things she can add to her kitchen. She can really increase he supply of things and it won’t cost her anything. I found this awesome brownie pan that is shaped just perfectly so that every brownie is an edge piece. She loves to make brownies, and with this pan, nobody will have to fight over who gets the corner pieces!


Presents for Future Use

Some of the nicest gifts I have received were things I would not necessarily use immediately but I would get lots of us out of them in the future. Has it ever happened to you that you suddenly have somewhere to go and need to bring several things with you but you don’t have anything to put them in? A plastic grocery bag can sometimes work in a pinch but will not work all the time. I started keeping several bags packed all the time so when I am rushed out the door because once AGAIN I lost track of time my bag is ready. I have a bag packed for the pool, my body pump class, the ski hill, and one with a few snacks because you never know.


I have had to go and buy different sized bags to keep aside. Some of my favorites are Under Armour bags, Adidas bags, and coach signature bags. When looking for a bag, check out the zipper to make sure it is good quality. Think about it’s purpose to make sure it will work for the job. Do you need zippers? Pockets? How many, and are they large enough? This method has saved me so many times as I rush out the door, I am sticking with this and am always on the hunt for great bags. Hopefully there is not a bag hoarder title in my future.

My Mom Would LOVE This Smart Shopper

shopperEver since I can remember, my mom makes out this huge list before she goes to the grocery store. She goes through all of our cupboards, our fridge and freezer and figures out what she needs to make the meals for the upcoming week. She used to put the list on the fridge with a magnet and would encourage us all to write what we wanted on the list. We would always neglect to do this and end up naming off a bunch of things that we wanted as she was walking out of the door to go to the grocery store.

I found this Smart Shopper grocery list creator and organizer and know that if I got it for my mom, she would love it! This takes list-making to a whole new level by being voice-activated to create a grocery list based on what is inputted from the speaker. It’s easy to use and can generate a list quickly and even alphabetizes the items! Do you know anybody that would love this?


The Best Graduation Gift Starts in Kindergarten



“Oh, the Places You’ll Go” is a fantastic book by Dr. Seuss. I received it as a high school graduation gift and it is so special to me. It’s a very inspirational book. I found an idea that involves this book but takes it to a whole new level.

Starting in Kindergarten, give this book to each teacher that your child has. Ask the teacher to write a message to your child. You can ask them in person or can write a little note to the teacher. Make sure everybody knows to keep it a secret! Present this book at his or her graduation and it will mean so much. This is so meaningful. Since each teacher has such an influence on the child and their education, they will love looking back at this.