Soup Crocks Make Great Housewarming or Wedding Gifts



There are a couple of things that make winter better. Since, I’m not a huge fan of the cold, I need to remind myself of these things and do them often. First off: sweatshirts. There is nothing more comfortable than cuddling up with an oversized sweatshirt.¬†Secondly: candles and a fireplace. This provides ample snuggling opportunities and makes the house smell and feel very cozy. Third: soup. I love trying out a ton of different soup recipes and I have found some of my favorite meals thanks to my crock pot and a experimental recipe or two.

I found these great French Onion Soup crocks that would make amazing soup bowls as well. These would make fantastic housewarming or wedding gifts. They can be given with a soup recipe book, and the people that receive them can find a new reason to love winter as well!

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