Soup Crocks Make Great Housewarming or Wedding Gifts



There are a couple of things that make winter better. Since, I’m not a huge fan of the cold, I need to remind myself of these things and do them often. First off: sweatshirts. There is nothing more comfortable than cuddling up with an oversized sweatshirt. Secondly: candles and a fireplace. This provides ample snuggling opportunities and makes the house smell and feel very cozy. Third: soup. I love trying out a ton of different soup recipes and I have found some of my favorite meals thanks to my crock pot and a experimental recipe or two.

I found these great French Onion Soup crocks that would make amazing soup bowls as well. These would make fantastic housewarming or wedding gifts. They can be given with a soup recipe book, and the people that receive them can find a new reason to love winter as well!

Steamer Cases are Perfect for a Healthy Eater

steamer cases


Steaming is a different way to prepare food that keeps the nutrients in (boiling and frying often get rid of the major nutrients) and is a much HEALTHIER method because you’re not using oil to cook the food. I got a steamer for my vegetables and rice from Pampered Chef last year and I use it several times a week. The vegetables stay so moist and taste super fresh, and the rice is always so fluffy!

You can imagine my excitement when I came across this steamer case with two trays. It’s made of silicone and can be used in the oven or microwave. The inner tray of this is perforated for easy draining and it is designed for even circulation which leads to even cooking.  This great product is also dishwasher safe and BPA free! It’s a perfect gift for the healthy eater. It can be taken to work or on the go, and also works great in your own kitchen!

A Herbal Shoulder Pack to Fall in Love With



Valentine’s Day is coming up and is just around the corner. Are you ready? If not, or I found the product that you can get for the one you love. This herbal shoulder pack used therapeutic moist heat to relieve stress, aches, and pains. There is a combination of twelve different herbs packed inside of this product. When heated, it provides an amazing aromatherapy experience.

I have one of these (I got it for Christmas) and I love it! Everybody experiences stress, busyness, and chaos in their lives. This shoulder pack helps to relieve some of that. This can even be used WHILE at work, not just after! This also comes in a green color, if you don’t think your man wants to sport pink around. :)


A Gravy Boat Warmer Makes a Great Housewarming Gift

gravy boat


I have a couple of housewarming parties to go to this coming Spring (it must be the season to be moving!). I started looking around for great gifts to give for these happy families that are starting their journey into a new home. I didn’t want to procrastinate and wanted to get these ordered!

I found this gravy boat that comes with a warmer. This is a fantastic product idea because it is something that is useful! Have you ever had gravy out on the table? It doesn’t stay warm that long! Plus, if you’re making a nice meal with turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and the whole works, it’s almost a requirement to have seconds! You want the gravy to stay nice and warm for a long time.

This would also make a great gift for a wedding or bridal shower. You could also pick one up for yourself, I plan on it!

The Best of the Best With Orange County Jewelers



Let’s face it: jewelry is the best gift ever! It is a gift that can be given at almost any occasion and celebration. I have gotten jewelry for special anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, graduation, and more! My favorite was for my wedding. This was the most special day and I love that Simone and Son was there for me for that. They have a fantastic selection of jewelry and I’m so glad that my husband sees that as well!

He said they were so helpful in assisting him in picking out my engagement ring and every piece of jewelry after that. They know him by name by now and are just like a second family to us. I’m so glad to have such a relationship built up with an amazing company that I know will take care of us. They are so knowledgeable and friendly that sometimes I just stop in to say “hi!”. Stop by and visit Simone and Son and you can see for yourself why they are the best jewelers in Orange County!