Turkey Glass Tealight Holder

Yes, I realize that it is not even Halloween yet. I am one of those people that is always about one or two holidays ahead of everybody else. I like it that way! I have so much fun building up anticipation for the holidays.

If you are going somewhere for Thanksgiving this year, it is a great idea to thank the hostess (because let’s face it–you got lucky and got out of cooking and cleaning for everybody!). I like to thank the hostess with a little gift. I found these super cute turkey glass tealight holders and think that they would make a fantastic thank-you gift. They would look great on the tables for a little decoration on Thanksgiving Day. For the upcoming years, they will always serve a reminder of the great Thanksgiving that was celebrated this year. Pair these tealight holders with a nice bottle of wine and your hosts will be asking you to come back every year. :)

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