Bottle Sling for Babies

If you have any little ones at home, you know just how hard it can be for them to keep things in their little tiny hands. Sometimes it can turn into some sort of a game when baby throws an item on the floor and giggles every time you pick it up. When the little ones decide to do that in the car with a bottle, it can be very dangerous and make for a long car ride if the bottle falls on the floor and you are unable to stop to pick it up.

This Bebe Bottle Sling is a great product to give somebody that is expecting a baby and also makes a good gift for a baby shower or a family that just had a newborn. The bottle sling can be hung on the handle of the car seat and makes it impossible for the bottle to fall. This makes a much safer car ride, the baby is much happier, and the bottle stays much cleaner!

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