An Organization Solution for Scarves

I am one of those people with a huge shopping problem. I still have money to pay my bills and other expenses, so I don’t know if it’s classified as a problem, but my husband sure thinks I do! I could spend hours at the mall on my day off of working trying all of the fun fashions of the current season. I also love getting accessories. I think every outfit can be completed with some fun and fashionable accessories.

Now that the temperatures are dropping and Fall is in full swing, I have really added to my scarf collection. I love to look stylish while staying warm and enjoy wearing a fun scarf with almost every outfit. I found a great solution so store and organize all of these scarves (since they were in a large basket getting tangled and looking super messy). This scarf holder can hang right in the closet and keeps scarves easy to see and tangle-free!

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