A Gift for the Baker in Your Life

If you know somebody that loves to bake, this is the gift for them. This would make a fantastic house warming gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, bridal shower gift, or holiday present. Quirky came out with a product that makes baking any shape cake super easy and fun. It’s called a Ribbon and it’s easy to use. Not only does this control the shape of the cake, but it controls the size. Depending on how many people are sharing the cake, or how much cake batter you have, the Ribbon can adjust to a smaller or larger cooking surface area to accomodate.

The Ribbon has magnets on the bottom that stick to a cookie sheet. The magnets attach and stay in place while the cake is baking. Just peel away the Ribbon when finished and you are left with a perfectly shaped cake that tastes and looks great! This product is made of silicone and clean up is easy and efficient as well.

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