Topper Chopper

I love ending my day out with a delicious “bedtime snack” as I call it. It’s just a little after dinner dessert and yummy treat to end a busy day with. My all-time favorite snack before bed is fat-free frozen yogurt. It’s very healthy and has a sweet taste to it that I love. I usually buy the vanilla fat-free frozen yogurt because it is a flavor that everybody in the family can agree on. With vanilla, it’s very easy to spruce up with some fun flavors and toppings to add to the top.

Some nights, we create a whole¬†smorgasbord¬†(I apologize, but I love that word. I use it way more often than I should) of fun toppings to add to the frozen yogurt. This fantastic topper chopper makes it easy to chop up toppings for the top of the dessert. It’s mess free and you don’t have to mess with knives. This makes it so the kids are able to chop up their own toppings. They love being a part of the food preparations!

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