A Good Place to Get Jewelry in Huntington Beach

Jewelry makes a great gift. In fact, it is my favorite gift! I love jewelry. It is a gift that you can never go wrong in giving because it’s perfect for any occasion–whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, engagement, graduation, wedding, confirmation, and first communion.

My favorite jewelers in Huntington Beach is Simone and Son. They have such a fantastic collection of jewelry that there really is nothing that is comparable. Simone and Son is top of the line in their products, staff, and customer service. They treat every customer like family and the vast knowledge base that each person has about the jewelry never ceases to amaze me! It’s very comforting going into make a big jewelry purchase and know that we are in the right hands and that we are having the best experience possible. I love Simone and Son–check out their website and stop in sometime to see what I’m talking about!

Topper Chopper

I love ending my day out with a delicious “bedtime snack” as I call it. It’s just a little after dinner dessert and yummy treat to end a busy day with. My all-time favorite snack before bed is fat-free frozen yogurt. It’s very healthy and has a sweet taste to it that I love. I usually buy the vanilla fat-free frozen yogurt because it is a flavor that everybody in the family can agree on. With vanilla, it’s very easy to spruce up with some fun flavors and toppings to add to the top.

Some nights, we create a whole smorgasbord (I apologize, but I love that word. I use it way more often than I should) of fun toppings to add to the frozen yogurt. This fantastic topper chopper makes it easy to chop up toppings for the top of the dessert. It’s mess free and you don’t have to mess with knives. This makes it so the kids are able to chop up their own toppings. They love being a part of the food preparations!

She Will Fall in Love With a Custom Designed Ring

An engagement is such an exciting time in a couple’s lives. It brings anticipation as the wedding date nears and excitement in wedding planning. There’s so much to do but it’s great to plan everything out together and pick out a venue, flowers, attire, attendants, a ceremony, music, food, a cake, beverages, wedding day jewelry and more. It can definitely be overwhelming but it’s a good kind of overwhelming!

If you are thinking of proposing to that special someone in your life, you need to have the perfect ring. That is something that will be worn the rest of her life and will signify your relationship and commitment to each other. Simone and Son has specialized in creating custom designed rings. They can create a ring that is unique and she’ll be the only one in the world that has that ring. She will feel so special and so happy!

Top of the Line Massages in Orange County

Give the gift of relaxation!  Those close to you whom you give gifts to will love a gift certificate to CloudMover Day Spa for a massge. It is the best place to get a massage in Orange County! I know somebody would appreciate this as a gift because I was given a gift certificate to CloudMover and I used it on a massage. It was the best massage I’ve ever gotten! It was so relaxing and felt so good that I feel like I went on a mini vacation while I was there. It was great! I felt like I got the royal treatment.

CloudMover has a fantastic menu of massage services and quite the variety to choose from. They have Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Pre or Post Natal Massages, Shiatsu Massage, a Sports Massage, a Lipossage for cellulite, and a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage. What a great selection!



A Dog Dish as a Gift to Your Furry Friend

My dog is honestly one of my best friends. That sounds a little silly, but I’ve had him in my life for so long and we’ve been through so much together that I don’t know what I would do without him! He’s a great dog. For those of you that have dogs, you understand just how much of a part of your life they become as your pet.

I love to get him fun gifts. Dogs are pretty fun to shop for and I love adding new things to his collection! I was looking around online (since it’s SO convenient to shop online). I found this cooling pet bowl. It is a great way to keep the dog bowl constantly refreshed with cool water. It’s an easy way to make sure the dog stays cool and refreshed. This is actually a health issue as well since warm water grows bacteria easier than cold water does. Show your dog some love and pick him or her up a pet bowl that constantly provides cool water.