Banana Slicer

Because I am a mom, I am always looking at ways to make my life a little bit easier and make my time stretch just a little bit further. I feel like I’m supposed to be in about ten places at once on some days. Although I get so busy and overwhelmed at times, I feel like being a mom is the best job in the world. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I found this fantastic gift for myself! When my husband asks me what I would like for my birthday, I will be directing him to this exact blog post. This banana slicer makes cutting up bananas super easy and quick. Everyone in the family loves bananas so I know that this tool will save me so much time! I really hope that I get it because it will get used almost daily! We eat bananas as snacks, on cereal, as a side with lunch or supper, in smoothies, as an ice cream topping and in recipes like banana bread! Yum!

Dog Tag Necklaces Make Great Gifts

Dog Tag necklaces make a great gift. They are very fashion friendly and look great. These necklaces are made of titanium, which is a best selling material in the jewelry world. I love titanium because it fits my style and is something that can withhold my extremely busy lifestyle. I’m planning on giving a dog tag necklace to my uncle for his upcoming birthday. I know that it will fit in well with his lifestyle and personal style as well.

Titanium is a fantastic jewelry material because it is so strong yet lightweight. Titanium has the largest ratio of strength to durability ratio of any other material on the market. This jewelry has a beautiful dark grey color to it. There is nothing else like it! It is unlike the traditional silver or white gold that different generations have worn in the past. I am very excited to give my uncle this great jewelry!

These Splatter Screens are Genius!

I know this has happened to all of you if you ever cook: you’re cooking up a fantastic meal on the stove and you get splattered with hot contents from the pan or pot you are using. It hurts so bad and can be so dangerous! It’s also a pain to clean up a stovetop after food has splattered on it. The chance of having something splatter while you’re cooking increases by A LOT if you are frying bacon or sausage or cooking spaghetti sauce in a saucepan.

If you are looking for a great gift to give somebody that loves to cook, check out these splatter screens. This is a useful gift that a cook in your life would love! These Kuhn Rikon Splatter Screens protect both your stovetop and you’re skin from hot oil, grease, or sauce from splattering out of the pan. These are sturdy and steel encased silicone screens that fit on a variety of pots and pans.


Titanium Bracelets are Durable and Lightweight!

I am always looking for great gift ideas for members of my family. When it comes to holidays and special occasions, I really feel like it’s better to give than to receive. There is nothing than the feeling I get when a loved one opens a gift and it’s something that they really like and are thankful for.

I found the perfect gift for my guy. He already has a watch and I am wanting to get him a titanium bracelet.  He has a titanium wedding band and a titanium watch, so I am wanting to add to his collection! He loves everything about titanium as a jewelry material and was hinting that he wanted something else that was titanium. This is a great jewelry material because it is both durable and lightweight. He leads such a busy lifestyle that it is important to have jewelry that can stand up to it!

I came across these titanium bracelets and instantly knew that he would love one! I chose this one in particular because it is striking, modern and sleek.