Banana Slicer

Because I am a mom, I am always looking at ways to make my life a little bit easier and make my time stretch just a little bit further. I feel like I’m supposed to be in about ten places at once on some days. Although I get so busy and overwhelmed at times, I feel like being a mom is the best job in the world. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I found this fantastic gift for myself! When my husband asks me what I would like for my birthday, I will be directing him to this exact blog post. This banana slicer makesĀ cutting up bananas super easy and quick. Everyone in the family loves bananas so I know that this tool will save me so much time! I really hope that I get it because it will get used almost daily! We eat bananas as snacks, on cereal, as a side with lunch or supper, in smoothies, as an ice cream topping and in recipes like banana bread! Yum!

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