Rain Forest Floor Gym for Baby

I am going to a baby shower next month and I can’t wait. I had a part in planning and it and I hope it all comes together perfectly! We picked out some great games for the ladies to play and planned a delicious menu of food for everybody to indulge in.

It’s so much fun to prepare for the arrival of a baby! I can’t wait to get together with everybody and celebrate. I picked out the perfect gift and ordered it today from Amazon. It’s called a Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym. It’s so cute and will go perfectly with the jungle theme that she decided to decorate the baby’s room in. I know they will get a ton of use out of this. There are many bright colors and fun toys on this and it will be perfect to both entertain and teach the baby. It is gender-neutral and can be used for future babies that they have.

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