Why Tungsten Rings Make a Great Wedding Ring

I have recently been helping plan a lot of weddings. Yes, lately I feel like one of those, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” type people but I love being there for my friends and loved ones on their big day. I have also become an expert in all sorts of wedding planning, so if you have any questions, come to me! I have been surrounded by centerpieces, menus, music, dresses, wedding bands, hairstyles, and so much more lately that I feel like a professional wedding planner!

A lot of the couples are choosing tungsten wedding rings for their big day. You may ask “why tungsten rings?” Tungsten is a durable metal. With people living busy lifestyles like they do, it is so important to have a ring that can stand up to that lifestyle. It is a very modern-looking ring because it is steel-grey in color. They are very affordable and fit nicely in a wedding budget. Tungsten rings also look¬†permanently¬†polished so there is no need to ever get it polished–it always looks new!

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