Spooky Halloween Hand

So Halloween seems like it’s forever away. But really it’s not. It’s the next holiday after 4th of July (and my birthday, which, yes, I DO consider a holiday because it’s my favorite day–EVER). :)

Since there isn’t a lot of gift giving around Halloween time, I know this may not exactly apply to this blog. I came across this idea on Pinterest, however, and I just have to share. It is a fun idea to use at a Halloween party.

All you need is red punch, a medical/surgical glove (I would use vinyl or nitrile–stay away from latex due to allergies. Of course a powder-free glove as well), and some water. Fill the glove with water and put it in the freezer. After a few hours, and when your party is about to begin, peel off the glove and you will have a hand shaped ice cube. Put it in the red punch and you get a creepy, Halloween, festive decoration!

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