Good Teacher Gift Idea

If you have kids in summer school this year, they probably aren’t happy about it. Who wants to sit in school while all of their friends are playing outside in the beautiful sunshine? It’s probably not fun to be inside learning while everybody else gets to do fun, summer things.

That is probably exactly how teachers feel that teach summer school. They are used to having a break during the summer and when they teach summer school they are unable to have a break.

This is a great gift idea for teachers that are teaching summer school as a thank you at the end of summer classes. All you need is a mason jar, ribbon, alphabet magnets or pieces, and some flowers. Tie the ribbon around the lip of the mason jar and fill it with the letters. Then add the flowers (I would opt for artificial flowers since the flowers will die without water). It’s easy to do and they will appreciate the gesture. This will look great sitting on their desk the following school year!

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