Cupcake Bouquets Make Thoughtful Gifts

This is a very easy to do gift that is homemade and very thoughtful. Cupcake bouquets are a treat for both the eyes and the mouth–Yum!

Cupcake bouquets are easy to make. First, get a planter pot. You can decorate it if you choose to give it a fun look. You can also buy them in different colors and with designs if you want to save a little time. You will also need tissue paper, 10-12 frosted cupcakes (you can use whichever recipe you wish), toothpicks, and a Styrofoam craft  ball (you can find these at many craft stores). Make sure the ball fits in the top of the planter pot without being too large or too small–measure it before purchasing!

First, place the ball on the top of the planter pot. Then, evenly stick 10-12 toothpicks into the Styrofoam ball about a half inch into the ball. Next, add the cupcakes. You can do this by sticking them onto the toothpicks (this is what holds them in place). The toothpick should not come through the top of the cupcake. If it does, push the toothpick into the Styrofoam ball further and try again. Add tissue paper to the spaces between the cupcakes as shown above and you are done!

This makes a great thank you gift or an “I’m thinking of you” gift.

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