Wine Bottle Guest Book

I came across a great idea for unique guestbook at a wedding. I love this idea because it is different than the regular signing of the book. This is just my opinion, but what do you do with the guestbook when the event is over? You probably look it over and read it once and then it goes in the storage room or collects dust on a shelf somewhere. This idea involves getting 5 wine bottles and a sharpie marker (silver or gold metallic works best on dark bottles, black works best on light bottles).  Each of the bottles is designated to be opened on the following anniversaries of the couple: one year, five years, ten years, fifteen years, and twenty years. The sharpies and bottles can be set out at the entrance of the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. Guests can pick one bottle to sign and include a message for the couple.

This can be a gift given to the bride at her shower (the wine bottles and the markers) and the couple can use it for their “guestbook.” You can also find places that make custom wine labels and make it personalized to the couple!

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